Mega Yacht: just luxury

Mega Yacht: just luxury

Experience pure luxury while sailing and relaxing on these mega-yachts. They distinguish themselves from other more common yachts simply by the way they just seem to glide across the water.

Also because aboard you have access to simply everything that will make your cruise a series of unique moments and experiences.

We are very pleased to introduce you this mega-yacht with 12 exterior cabins. double bed or twin, mini bar, hi-fi, satellite TV, video, telephone, bathrooms paved with marble and teak equipped showers, panoramic restaurant, two bars, library, sports room, beauty salon, swimming pool etc..and these are only a few highlights of the luxury equipment you will find on this mega-yacht.

Vientosur Yacht Charter Group also has other units that offer the same luxury and comfort level.

Ask us and we will supply the best selection for your needs!!

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